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What is an inchoate offense?

What is the most common inchoate offense?

What mens rea is required for inchoate offenses?

Can specific intent be inferred from circumstances in inchoate offenses?

What is the doctrine of merger?

Is impossibility a defense to the crime of attempt?

Can abandonment be used as a defense to inchoate offenses?

What is the scholarly treatment of burglaries in American law as inchoate crimes?

What creates an inchoate crime of burglary?


Crime of Preparing for Another Crime: Summary

  • Inchoate offenses are crimes of preparing to commit another crime.
  • The most common inchoate offense is "attempt."
  • Inchoate offenses require the mens rea of intent or recklessness.
  • Specific intent may be inferred from circumstances.
  • The doctrine of merger has been abandoned in many jurisdictions in cases involving a conspiracy.
  • Impossibility is not a defense to the crime of attempt where the conditions creating the impossibility are unknown to the actor.
  • Abandonment can be used as an affirmative defense to inchoate offenses.
  • There is some scholarly treatment of burglaries in American law as inchoate crimes.
  • Possession of burglary tools creates an inchoate crime.
  • Examples of inchoate offenses include conspiracy, solicitation, facilitation, misprision of felony, organized crime, RICO, and attempt.
  • Inchoate offenses are conduct deemed criminal without actual harm being done.
  • Inchoate offenses require the specific intent to commit the underlying crime.


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