How well do you know the International Primary Curriculum?



9 Questions

What is the International Primary Curriculum (IPC)?

When was the IPC launched as a standalone international curriculum?

What are the three major international systems of education according to The SAGE Handbook of Research in International Education in 2015?

How many foundations are cited in the IPC Curriculum Guide?

What are the three 'mileposts' in the IPC curriculum?

What is the Process to Facilitate Learning in the IPC?

How many Personal Learning Goals are there in the IPC?

What subjects are included in the IPC subject learning goals?

How many international schools in how many countries use the IPC as of 2021?


Test your knowledge on the International Primary Curriculum with this informative quiz! From its history and objectives to its components and benefits, this quiz will challenge your understanding of the IPC and its role in international education. Brush up on your knowledge and showcase your expertise with this educational quiz.

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