How well do you know Tennis at the Summer Olympics?



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What year was tennis first included in the Summer Olympic Games?

Why was tennis dropped from the Olympic program after the 1924 Summer Olympics?

When did tennis return as a full medal sport at the Summer Olympics?

Which two players have won the same Olympic event on three occasions?

Who is the only player to have won two singles gold medals in tennis at the Summer Olympics?

What is a Golden Slam in tennis?

Which player is the only one to have won a single-year Golden Slam in tennis?

What is the equivalent prize for wheelchair tennis players who achieve Paralympic gold and all four majors in the same year?

What is the playing surface of the tennis court at the Summer Olympics?


Ace your knowledge on Tennis at the Summer Olympics! Test your familiarity with the sport's history at the Olympic Games, from its inclusion in the inaugural 1896 Summer Olympics to its temporary removal and later reinstatement. This quiz will challenge your understanding of the controversies and key players involved in the sport's Olympic journey. Serve up your best answers and see if you can score a perfect match!

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