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What is sound art?

What are some artistic lineages that sound art is used in?

When was the first published use of the term sound art found?

What is sound installation?

What are some examples of sound sources used in sound installations?

What is sound sculpture?

Who were the primary artists of sound sculptures?

What is the impact of sound sculptures on the surrounding soundscape?

What is a key aspect of sound sculpture?


Sound Art: An Overview

  • Sound art uses sound as the primary medium or material for artistic activity.
  • Sound art can be interdisciplinary and used in hybrid forms.
  • Sound art is used in various artistic lineages, such as conceptual art, minimalism, site-specific art, sound poetry, electro-acoustic music, spoken word, avant-garde poetry, sound scenography, and experimental theatre.
  • The first published use of the term sound art was found in Something Else Press on the cover of their 1974 Yearbook.
  • The first use of the term as the title of an exhibition at a major museum was in 1979's "Sound Art" at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
  • Sound installation is an intermedia and time-based art form that includes the sound element and, therefore, the time element.
  • Sound installation can be site-specific and made either in closed or open spaces.
  • Sound installations use sound sources placed at different points in space or interactive art technology.
  • Sound sculpture is an intermedia and time-based art form in which sculpture or any kind of art object produces sound.
  • Sound sculpture artists were primarily either visual artists or composers.
  • Sound sculptures can be site-specific and influenced by cymatics and kinetic art.
  • Sound sculptures can modify the surrounding soundscape and impact how listeners perceive their environment.
  • The integration of visual form and beauty with magical, musical sounds through participatory experience is a key aspect of sound sculpture.


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