How much do you know about scientific realism?



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What is scientific realism?

What is the ideal scientific theory according to scientific realism?

What does scientific realism assert about scientific claims?

What is the relationship between scientific realism and metaphysical realism?

What is the no miracles argument against scientific realism?

What is the underdetermination problem against scientific realism?

What is the dominant philosophy of science after positivism?

What is the inference to the best explanation?

What is the pessimistic induction against scientific realism?


Scientific Realism: A summary

  • Scientific realism is the view that the universe described by science is real regardless of how it may be interpreted.
  • Scientific realism is often an answer to the question "how is the success of science to be explained?"
  • Scientific realism typically involves two basic positions.
  • An ideal scientific theory has specific features, including a claim that it says definite things about genuinely existing entities.
  • Scientific realism asserts that we have reasons to believe that many scientific claims about entities are true, but not all.
  • Scientific realism holds that science makes progress, i.e. scientific theories usually get successively better.
  • Scientific realists typically hold certain characteristic claims.
  • Scientific realism is related to much older philosophical positions, including rationalism and metaphysical realism.
  • Realism became the dominant philosophy of science after positivism.
  • Scientific realism is developed largely as a reaction to logical positivism.
  • Arguments for scientific realism often appeal to abductive reasoning or "inference to the best explanation."
  • Arguments against scientific realism include the no miracles argument, pessimistic induction, constructivist epistemology, the underdetermination problem, and the incompatible models argument.


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