How much do you know about overlanding?



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What is overlanding?

Where did overlanding originate?

When did overlanding begin to gain popularity?

What is considered a paramount part of the overlanding experience for many overlanders?

When did commercial overlanding begin?

What is the Trans-Siberian Railway?

Where are some of the longest and more traditional overland routes located?

When was the Overlanding Association created?

What is the Truck Surf Hotel?


Overlanding: Self-reliant overland travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principal goal Overlanding has its roots in Australian history as a way to transport livestock over long distances Overlanding began with the advent of commercially available four-wheel-drive trucks in the middle of the last century Many overlanders consider the preparation of their vehicle a paramount part of the experience Commercial overlanding began in the late 1960s with companies offering overland tours to groups in large, specially equipped trucks Overland travel can be done via rail or road, with the Trans-Siberian Railway being one of the longest overland journeys in existence today Some of the longest and more traditional overland routes are in Africa, such as the Cairo to Cape Town route Overlanding has increased in recent history, and is getting ever more popular The Overlanding Association was created in 2015 to provide help, support and information to overlanders The Truck Surf Hotel is an overlanding vehicle that expands in five sections to form a two-story, five-room hotel Overlanding has expanded to all the continents of the world


Test your knowledge on the exciting world of overlanding with this quiz! From its roots in Australian history to the increasing popularity of self-reliant travel to remote destinations, overlanding has a fascinating past and present. Learn about the preparation of vehicles, the rise of commercial overlanding tours, and some of the longest and most traditional routes around the world. Whether you're an overlanding enthusiast or just curious about this unique mode of travel, this quiz is sure to challenge and entertain you.

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