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What are the most commonly recommended vaccines for cats?

What is the most common cause of death in cats due to poisoning?

What is the most common health problem in cats?

What is the recommended diet for cats?

Which of the following foods is toxic to cats?

What are some of the common sources of toxins that pets encounter?

What are the effects of obesity in cats?

What are some of the genetic disorders common in cats?

What is the recommended type of food for cats according to veterinarians?


Health of Domestic Cats

  • Domestic cats' health is a well-studied area in veterinary medicine.
  • Infectious diseases are caused by pathogenic organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites, and can be spread from cat to cat via airborne pathogens or through direct or indirect contact.
  • Genetic disorders are common in cats and are similar to those in humans, such as diabetes, hemophilia, and Tay-Sachs disease.
  • Skin disorders are among the most common health problems in cats, and the condition of their skin and coat can be an important indicator of their general health.
  • The most commonly recommended vaccines for cats are for feline herpesvirus 1, feline calicivirus, and feline panleukopenia virus.
  • Cats are obligate carnivores and require high levels of taurine in their diet, which can only be found in animal tissues.
  • Obesity in cats has similar effects as in humans, increasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes mellitus, and shortening the cat's lifespan.
  • Some human foods and household ingestibles are toxic to cats, including chocolate solids, onion, garlic, avocados, grapes, raisins, coffee, tomato and tomato leaves, and milk.
  • Cats may be poisoned by many chemicals usually considered safe by their human guardians, including antifreeze and rodent baits.
  • The ASPCA lists some common sources of toxins that pets encounter, including plants, human medications and cosmetics, and cleaning products.
  • Ethylene glycol (antifreeze) poisoning is one of the most common causes of death in cats.
  • Veterinarians commonly recommend commercial cat foods that are formulated to address the specific nutritional requirements of cats, although an increasing number of owners are opting for home-prepared cooked or raw diets.


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