How Much Do You Know About Environmental Sculpture?



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What distinguishes environmental sculpture from traditional sculpture?

Which of the following is NOT a technique used in larger environmental sculptures?

Which of the following sculptors is NOT categorized as an environmental sculptor?

What qualifies George Segal's figurative works as environmental sculpture?

What is an example of a landscape art environment that was sculpted by an artist?

What distinguishes environmental sculpture created for a particular set of surroundings from Nevelson sculpture?

What does environmental sculpture entail?

What qualifies Richard Serra's sculptures as environmental sculpture?

What is another term for site-specific art and environmental art?


Environmental Sculpture: A Summary

  • Environmental sculpture creates or alters the environment for the viewer, rather than presenting itself monumentally before the viewer.
  • Larger environmental sculptures are designed to generate shadows, reflections, or to color the light in the surrounding area.
  • Environmental sculptures are never made to work at exactly human scale, but are larger or smaller to avoid confusion with the human image in the eyes of the viewer.
  • Sculptors such as Louise Nevelson, Jane Frank, Tony Smith, and David Smith are placed in the category of environmental sculpture.
  • Figurative works of George Segal qualify as environmental sculpture as they occupy and perturb the setting in which they are placed.
  • Athena Tacha's 2-acre park Connections in downtown Philadelphia is an example of a landscape art environment that was sculpted by an artist.
  • Environmental sculpture created for a particular set of surroundings is different from a Nevelson sculpture, which can usually be moved from place to place without losing its meaning and effectiveness.
  • Environmental sculpture entails the idea that the piece also functions to alter or permeate the existing environment or even to create a new environment in which the viewer is invited to participate.
  • Richard Serra's large, site-specific, minimalist sculptures also qualify as environmental sculpture.
  • "Land art" or "earth art" could also be termed environmental sculpture.
  • Site-specific art and environmental art are sometimes used interchangeably.
  • Much of site-specific and environmental art was created from 1970 on for public spaces all over the United States, sponsored by federal or state and city Percent for Art competitions.


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