How Much Do You Know About Agricultural Science?



9 Questions

What is agricultural science?

What are professionals of agricultural science called?

Who conducted experiments on the use of gypsum as a fertilizer in the 18th century?

When did John Bennet Lawes and Joseph Henry Gilbert begin a set of long-term field experiments at Rothamsted Research in England?

What was the Hatch Act of 1887?

What did the Smith-Hughes Act of 1917 do?

What is the difference between agriculture, agricultural science, and agronomy?

What do agricultural sciences include research and development on?

What did the federal expenditures on agricultural research in the United States do for the 44 years after 1906?


Test your knowledge of Agricultural Science with this quiz! From the history of the field to its current practices and future developments, this quiz covers a range of topics within the biology of agriculture. Challenge yourself and discover how much you know about this important and multidisciplinary field!

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