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What is drama?

What is a primary element in a drama?

What is the Screenwriters Taxonomy?

What are some types of drama?

What is the difference between drama and other forms of narrative fiction?

What are some film categories that use the words 'comedy' or 'drama' but are not recognized by the Screenwriters Taxonomy as either a film genre or a film type?

What should all film descriptions contain according to the Screenwriters Taxonomy?

Is drama a separate genre from other types of film?

What are the three fundamental elements that film genres are based upon according to the Screenwriters Taxonomy?


Types of Drama in Film and Television

  • Drama is a category or genre of narrative fiction intended to be more serious than humorous in tone.
  • Drama is usually qualified with additional terms that specify its particular super-genre, macro-genre, or micro-genre.
  • A primary element in a drama is the occurrence of conflict and its resolution in the course of the storyline.
  • All forms of cinema or television that involve fictional stories are forms of drama if their storytelling is achieved by means of actors who represent characters.
  • Drama is a mode distinct from novels, short stories, and narrative poetry or songs.
  • The Screenwriters Taxonomy contends that film genres are fundamentally based upon a film's atmosphere, character, and story.
  • Drama is a "type" of film, not a separate genre.
  • Types of drama include docudrama, docufiction, comedy drama, hyperdrama, light drama, psychological drama, satirical drama, and straight drama.
  • According to the Screenwriters' Taxonomy, all film descriptions should contain their type (comedy or drama) combined with one (or more) of the eleven super-genres.
  • Types/genre combinations include action drama, crime drama, drama thriller, fantasy drama, horror drama, life drama, romantic drama, science fiction drama, sports drama, and western drama.
  • Some film categories that use the word "comedy" or "drama" are not recognized by the Screenwriters Taxonomy as either a film genre or a film type.
  • These categories include family drama, melodrama, crime drama/police procedural/legal drama, historical drama, medical drama, and teen drama.


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