French Woman Sets World Rope Climbing Record at Eiffel Tower

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What inspired Garnier to take on Wednesday's challenge?

Her family's encouragement

What motivated Garnier to raise money for the League Against Cancer?

Her mother's cancer diagnosis

What does Garnier credit to her ability to do extraordinary things today?

Her rigorous sports training

Which event is Garnier planning to participate in after returning to obstacle racing?

Carrying the Olympic torch in Marseille

What are Garnier's future plans in terms of fitness?

Maintaining her current fitness level for the next 10 years

What motivated Anouk Garnier to climb the Eiffel Tower with a rope?

To set a new world record

How does Anouk Garnier describe her experience of breaking the world rope climbing record?


In what way did Anouk Garnier say the weather affected her rope climbing attempt?


What was the previous world record in rope climbing before Anouk Garnier broke it?

90 meters

Which athlete previously held the female world record for rope climbing?

Ida Mathilde Steensgaard

What inspired Anouk Garnier to take up rope climbing as a new challenge?

Winning the world obstacle course championship

Study Notes

Anouk Garnier's Rope Climbing Feat

  • Anouk Garnier, a 34-year-old French woman, broke the world rope climbing record by reaching the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, climbing 110 metres in 18 minutes.
  • The previous world record was held by South African athlete Thomas Van Tonder, who climbed 90 metres up a rope between the Soweto Towers in Johannesburg in 2020.
  • Garnier also broke the female record, previously held by Danish athlete Ida Mathilde Steensgaard, who climbed 26 metres up a rope at the Copenhagen Opera House in 2022.

Garnier's Journey

  • Garnier began rope climbing in 2022 after winning the world obstacle course championship for her age category and was looking for a new challenge.
  • She was inspired by Steensgaard's success and thought "26 metres isn't that far, what monument could I climb?"

Motivation and Future Plans

  • Garnier wanted to raise money for the League Against Cancer after her mother was diagnosed with the disease.
  • She plans to return to obstacle racing and will be carrying the Olympic torch in Marseille in May.
  • Garnier intends to maintain her physical fitness for the next 10 years and is already thinking of future challenges.

Personal Reflections

  • Garnier credits her family for instilling in her the discipline of sport and striving for excellence.
  • She was happy to see her family as she descended from the Eiffel Tower, saying "it was so beautiful to see them so proud."
  • Garnier expressed her joy and satisfaction at achieving her dream, saying "there were many ups and downs on the way to this record... but I never stopped believing in it."

Read about how Anouk Garnier, a French woman, broke the world rope climbing record by climbing 110 meters in 18 minutes to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. She achieved this feat to raise money for cancer prevention and support.

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