Food and Drink History



9 Questions

What is the purpose of the language links at the top of the page?

Who is Antoine-Augustin Parmentier?

What is the title of the article written by Antoine-Augustin Parmentier?

What is the subject of the research paper by McGovern et al.?

What is the significance of NBC 11196 (5 NT 24, dated Shu-Sin 6)?

What is the Food Timeline Index?

What is the subject of the book 'Brewing and Baking' edited by Nicholson and Shaw?

What is the 'Kissélo mléko' of Bulgaria?

What is the author's main argument in the book 'Food in History' by Reay Tannahill?


"From Potatoes to Beer: Test Your Knowledge of Food and Drink History" - Take this quiz to explore the fascinating origins of some of our favorite foods and beverages. From the introduction of potatoes to France to the ancient fermented drinks of China, this quiz will challenge your knowledge of food and drink history. Get ready to learn and have fun with this exciting quiz!

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