Find Your Apatheism Quotient



9 Questions

What is apatheism?

What is an apatheist?

Who coined the term 'apatheism'?

What is the opposite of apatheism?

What is the difference between apatheism and practical atheism?

What is apathetic agnosticism?

What is the position of apatheism regarding the existence or non-existence of deities?

What is the apatheistic argument regarding morality?

Who argued that apatheism is 'uncharted territory in the philosophy of religion'?


"Discover Your Apatheism Level: Are You Apathetic Towards the Existence of God?" Take this quiz to find out if you lean towards apatheism and have an indifferent attitude towards the concept of God. Answer a few questions and get to know where you stand on the spectrum of apatheism. Test your knowledge of this unique belief system and explore your views on religion and spirituality.

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