England Geography and Landmarks

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What is the capital city of both England and the United Kingdom?

Which river is the longest in England?

Where is the Cumbrian Mountains located in England?

Which area is known for the largest lake in England?

What type of climate does England have?

What are the major geographical features of England, including its highest point and notable rivers?

Describe England's climate and explain why it is referred to as temperate maritime.

What are the key geographical locations and landmarks in England, and where are they located?

Which continent is the second smallest in size?

What currency do most countries in Europe use?

Which region of Europe has cold winters and hot summers, especially in the southeast?

Which country's European part covers more area than any other country?

What type of landscape is created by glaciers in parts of Northern Europe?

What is the largest city entirely on the European continent?

Which river is the longest in Europe?

Which mountain in Russia is the highest in Europe?

Which mountain range is the longest and highest entirely in Europe?

What was the initiative that led to the formation of the European Union (EU)?


Test your knowledge about England's geography, landmarks, and key facts in this quiz. Learn about England's location, capital city, rivers, and neighboring countries.

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