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What are some of the topics that education sciences encompass?

What are the key tenets of feminist educational theory?

What are some examples of the purpose of schools?

What is educational neuroscience?

What are normative theories of education?

What is educational anthropology?

What are some common educational philosophies?

What is the sociology of education?

What are normative philosophies or theories of education?


Study of Education Policy and Practice:

  • Education sciences encompass various topics such as curriculum, learning, education policy, organization, and leadership.
  • Educational thought is informed by numerous disciplines, including history, philosophy, sociology, and psychology.
  • Normative theories of education provide the norms, goals, and standards of education.
  • Normative philosophies or theories of education include basic normative premises about what is good or right, basic factual premises about humanity and the world, conclusions about the dispositions education should foster, further factual premises about the psychology of learning and methods of teaching, and further conclusions about the methods that education should use.
  • Examples of the purpose of schools include developing reasoning about perennial questions, mastering the methods of scientific inquiry, cultivating the intellect, creating change agents, developing spirituality, and modeling a democratic society.
  • Common educational philosophies include educational perennialism, educational progressivism, educational essentialism, critical pedagogy, Montessori education, Waldorf education, and democratic education.
  • Feminist educational theory stems from four key tenets, including the creation of participatory classroom communities, validation of personal experience, encouragement of social understanding and activism, and development of critical thinking skills or open-mindedness.
  • Descriptive theories of education provide descriptions or explanations of the processes of education.
  • The sociology of education is the study of how public institutions and individual experiences affect education and its outcomes.
  • Educational anthropology is a sub-field of anthropology that focuses on the cultural aspects of education, including informal as well as formal education.
  • Educational neuroscience is an emerging field that brings together researchers in diverse disciplines to explore the interactions between biological processes and education.
  • Educational theorists may be known as pedagogues, depending on the country.


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