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What is the definition of fauna?

Who first used the term fauna?

What do zoologists and paleontologists use fauna to refer to?

What is Cryofauna?

What is the difference between Epifauna and Infauna?

What is Limnofauna?

What are Megafauna?

What are Meiofauna?

What is the meaning of avifauna?


Fauna: A Set of Animal Species in any Particular Region and Time

  • Fauna refers to all the animal life present in a particular region or time.
  • The word fauna comes from the Roman goddess of earth and fertility, Fauna, and it was first used by Carl Linnaeus from Sweden in the title of his 1745 work Fauna Suecica.
  • Zoologists and paleontologists use fauna to refer to animals found in a specific time or place, e.g. the "Sonoran Desert fauna" or the "Burgess Shale fauna".
  • There are several subdivisions of fauna based on the region, including Cryofauna, Cryptofauna, Epifauna, Infauna, Limnofauna, Macrofauna, Megafauna, Meiofauna, Mesofauna, and Microfauna.
  • Cryofauna refers to animals that live in cold areas, while Cryptofauna exists in protected or concealed microhabitats.
  • Epifauna are aquatic animals that live on the bottom substratum as opposed to within it, and Infauna are benthic organisms that live within the bottom substratum of a water body.
  • Limnofauna refers to the animals that live in fresh water, and Macrofauna are benthic or soil organisms.
  • Megafauna are large animals of any particular region or time, and Meiofauna are small benthic invertebrates that live in both marine and freshwater environments.
  • Microfauna are microscopic or very small animals, while Stygofauna and Troglofauna are subterranean fauna associated with water and caves, respectively.
  • Xenofauna, theoretically, are alien organisms that can be described as animal analogues.
  • Other terms include avifauna, which means "bird fauna" and piscifauna (or ichthyofauna), which means "fish fauna".
  • Fauna is studied by zoologists and paleontologists, who are interested in the collection of animals found in a specific time or place.


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