Discover the Diverse Landscapes of France



9 Questions

What is the highest point in France?

What is the third largest country in Europe by area?

What are some of the natural hazards in France?

What was the landscape of France like during the Pleistocene Ice Age?

What is the first-level administrative division of Integral France?

What is the main type of terrain in the north and west of France?

What is the total size of Metropolitan France?

What were some of the large predatory animals in prehistoric France?

What is the Normandy coast characterized by?


How well do you know the geography of France? Test your knowledge with this quiz and discover interesting facts about the country's landscape, from its flat plains in the north to its mountainous regions in the south and east. With questions covering the size and topography of France, this quiz is perfect for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of this beautiful country.

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