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What is cross-stitch?

What is aida cloth?

What is the oldest form of embroidery?

What is the purpose of a chart in counted cross-stitch?

What is flosstube?

What is the purpose of evenweave fabric in cross-stitching?

What is the traditional use of cross-stitching?

What is the current trend in cross-stitch designs?

What is the effect of computer technology on cross-stitching?


Cross-Stitch: A Form of Counted-Thread Embroidery

  • Cross-stitch is a form of sewing and a popular form of counted-thread embroidery that uses X-shaped stitches in a tiled, raster-like pattern to form a picture.
  • Cross-stitch can be done on designs printed on the fabric (stamped cross-stitch) or on easily countable fabric called aida cloth, which creates a plainly visible grid of squares with holes for the needle at each corner.
  • Different fabrics used in cross-stitch include linen, aida cloth, and mixed-content fabrics called 'evenweave' such as jobelan.
  • Counted cross-stitch projects are worked from a gridded pattern called a chart and can be used on any count fabric.
  • Cross-stitch is the oldest form of embroidery and can be found all over the world since the Middle Ages.
  • Traditionally, cross-stitch was used to embellish household items like linens, tablecloths, dishcloths, and doilies. Nowadays, it is increasingly popular to work the pattern on pieces of fabric and hang them on the wall for decoration.
  • Cross-stitch is widely used in traditional Palestinian dressmaking.
  • Cross-stitch is often combined with other popular forms of embroidery, such as Hardanger embroidery or blackwork embroidery.
  • Cross-stitch has become increasingly popular with the younger generation of Europe in recent years.
  • There is a current trend for more postmodern or tongue-in-cheek designs featuring retro images or contemporary sayings.
  • The development of computer technology has also affected cross-stitch, making it possible to create embroidery designs using a photograph or any other picture.
  • An increasingly popular activity for cross-stitchers is to watch and make YouTube videos detailing their hobby, known as Flosstube.


Test your knowledge of the history and techniques of the ancient art of cross-stitch embroidery with this quiz! From the basics of counted-thread embroidery to the different types of fabric used, this quiz covers it all. Whether you're a seasoned cross-stitcher or a beginner looking to learn more, this quiz is perfect for anyone interested in this intricate and decorative craft. Get ready to stitch up your knowledge with our cross-stitch quiz!

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