Community Colleges Around the World



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What is the primary focus of community colleges in the United States?

What is the equivalent of American community colleges in Australia?

What do colleges in Canada offer in terms of degrees?

What do community colleges in Malaysia provide?

What do community schools in the Philippines function as during the day?

What do community colleges offer in India?

What is the primary focus of community colleges in the United Kingdom?

What do community colleges in the United States primarily focus on?

What do Tertiary and Further Education colleges or TAFEs in Australia refer to?


Overview of Community Colleges Worldwide

  • Community colleges provide workforce education and college transfer academic programs.
  • In Australia, community colleges refer to private institutions running short courses, while Tertiary and Further Education colleges or TAFEs are equivalent to American community colleges.
  • In Canada, colleges grant certificates and diplomas and offer their own degrees in business, technology, science, and other technical fields. Colleges also collaborate with universities to provide academic pathways for students.
  • In India, community colleges offer diplomas, advance diplomas, and certificate courses.
  • In Malaysia, community colleges provide vocational and technical skills training at all levels for school leavers and offer qualifications up to Level 4 (Diploma).
  • In the Philippines, community schools function as elementary or secondary schools during the day and convert into community colleges at night.
  • In the United Kingdom, community colleges are schools that provide additional services and education to adults and other members of the community.
  • In the United States, community colleges are primarily public institutions that provide tertiary education and focus on certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees. Some students transfer to a liberal arts college or university after graduating.
  • Community colleges are also the subject of research by various organizations and publications, and several peer-reviewed journals extensively publish research on community colleges.


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