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What is the distinctive feature that cockatiels use to express their emotions?

What is the normal color of a cockatiel?

How many cockatiel color mutations are established in aviculture worldwide?

What is the lifespan of a cockatiel in captivity?

What is the subfamily of cockatiels?

What is the habitat of cockatiels?

What is the difference between male and female cockatiels?

What is the breeding difficulty level of cockatiels?

What is the vocal ability of cockatiels compared to females?


Cockatiels are medium-sized parrots that are endemic to Australia and are the only member of the genus Nymphicus. They are a popular household pet and are relatively easy to breed. Cockatiels express their emotions through their distinctive crest, which is dramatically vertical when they are startled or excited. They are the smallest subfamily of the Cacatuidae (cockatoo family). Grey is the normal colour of a cockatiel, and the males have a yellow or white face, while the females have a grey or light grey face. Cockatiels are sexually dimorphic, with the males losing white or yellow barring on their tail feathers and wings after the first moulting. They are relatively vocal birds, and their calls are more varied than those of the female. There are 22 cockatiel colour mutations established in aviculture worldwide. Cockatiels are nomadic birds that typically eat seeds, and they are absent from the most fertile southwest and southeast corners of Australia. The life span of a cockatiel in captivity is generally given as 16 to 25 years.


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