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What was the purpose of the 15-day tour in China for the foreign teenagers?

What did Eric Phelipe from Brazil like about his visit to China?

How many countries were represented by the foreign teenagers who visited China?

Where did the foreign teenagers visit during their time in Beijing?

What did Liuse Maralda from Germany do during her visit to China?

How many students have taken part in the “Chinese Bridge” since 2022?

What is the most popular Chinese proficiency competition in the world?

What did the visiting teenagers love about China?

"Chinese Bridge" is associated with proficiency in which language?

110 students visited China for the 16th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition.

The foreign teenagers visited Beijing and Northeast China’s Yunnan province.

The teens visited the Great Wall, Tian’anmen Square, the Palace Museum and the National Museum of China in Beijing.

During the visit to Yunnan, the teenagers took trips to Xizhou town, the ancient city of Dali, Erhai Lake, Yunnan Wild Animal Park, the Kunming Dounan Flower Market and other places.

Eric Phelipe from Brazil celebrated his 18th birthday in Kunming.

About 1.5 million students from over 160 countries have taken part in the” Chinese Bridge” since 2022.

Liuse Maralda from Germany learned some words from the Bai people during her visit to China.

The “Chinese Bridge” has become the world’s most popular Spanish proficiency competition.

The visiting teenagers found China uninteresting and unfriendly.

What did Zhang Xirui invent that won him the first prize in the 20th Guangdong Children’s Invention Awards?

What technology does Zhang Xirui's smart homework collection robot use?

How does the smart homework collection robot help teachers track students' homework submissions?

What is Zhang Xirui planning to do with his next invention?

What type of tag does each student's homework book have for the smart homework collection robot to read?

How does the smart homework collection robot 'examine' the students' books?

What is the main purpose of Zhang Xirui's smart homework collection robot?

What is the potential capability that Zhang Xirui aims to achieve with his third invention?

How do animals communicate with each other?

What is one way animals use sound for communication?

Which animal uses a strong smell to warn other animals to stay away from them?

How do chimpanzees communicate when they are angry?

What form of body language do humans understand in dogs?

In what way do some animals use body language to communicate?

What is the main purpose of animal communication?

Which of the following is NOT a way that animals communicate with each other?


Test your knowledge about Chinese culture and tourist attractions with this quiz about a group of foreign teenagers visiting China and experiencing its rich history, culture, and natural beauty.

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