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What is a capital city?

What is the origin of the word capital?

Why are many modern capital cities located in the center of countries?

What is the purpose of planning, designing, and building new capital cities?

Why are capital cities usually a primary target in a war?

What is the significance of a capital city in a state or country?

What is the reason for some nation-states having multiple capitals?

Why were national capitals arguably less important as military objectives in other parts of the world, including the West?

What is the typical status of a capital city?


What is a capital city?

  • A capital city is the primary municipality in a country, state, province, or other subnational entity.
  • It is typically a city that physically encompasses the government's offices and meeting places, with the status as capital often designated by law or constitution.
  • Different branches of government may be in different settlements in some jurisdictions.
  • The word capital derives from the Latin word caput, meaning 'head'.
  • Major economic centers historically became the focal point of political power, and became a capital through conquest or federation.
  • A capital city attracts politically motivated people and those whose skills are needed for efficient administration of national or imperial governments.
  • Many modern capital cities are located in the center of countries for accessibility to the population and better protection from possible invasions.
  • Governing entities sometimes plan, design, and build new capital cities to house the seat of government of a polity or of a subdivision.
  • Some nation-states have multiple capitals, while several states have no capital.
  • The capital city is usually a primary target in a war, as capturing it usually guarantees capture of much of the enemy government.
  • The capital city has become a symbol for the state and its government and imbued with political meaning.
  • National capitals were arguably less important as military objectives in other parts of the world, including the West, because of socioeconomic trends toward localized authority.


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