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What is the main difference between basic and comprehensive travel insurance policies?

What are some factors that determine the premiums of a travel insurance policy?

What is the difference between travel insurance policies and automatic travel insurance offered by credit card issuers?

What are some benefits covered by medical benefits in travel insurance policies?

What are some unforeseen circumstances covered by cancellation cover in comprehensive travel insurance policies?

What are some benefits covered by luggage benefits in travel insurance policies?

What does public liability cover in travel insurance policies?

What are some common exclusions in travel insurance policies?

When must travel insurance policies be purchased?


Travel Insurance: Coverage, Benefits, and Exclusions

  • Travel insurance covers losses incurred while travelling internationally or domestically.
  • Basic policies cover emergency medical expenses, while comprehensive policies cover other expenses like trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight delays, public liability, and more.
  • Premiums are determined based on the destination, duration, age of travellers, optional benefits, and the estimated value of the trip.
  • Travel insurance policies must be purchased before departure or from the first departure point. Some policies offer coverage for one-way travel for permanent relocation.
  • Some credit card issuers offer automatic travel insurance, but these policies are generic and do not take personal requirements and circumstances into account.
  • Medical benefits include coverage for minor injury or illness, hospitalisation, emergency assistance services, and repatriation of remains or funeral overseas.
  • Comprehensive policies include cancellation cover for unforeseen circumstances like illness, injury, natural disasters, bad weather, strikes, riots, and family emergencies.
  • Policies may include benefits for alternative transport, accommodation, meal expenses, and purchase of essential items in case of baggage delay.
  • Luggage benefits cover loss, damage, or theft of personal effects, including passports and travel documents.
  • Public liability covers legal liability for bodily injuries or damage to property of other persons.
  • Optional benefits include coverage for pre-existing conditions, higher risk sports and activities, rental car damage, and cruising.
  • Common exclusions are ongoing known events, pandemics and endemics, acts of war and terrorism, and travel to certain countries or parts of countries.
  • Certain countries require foreign visitors to have proof of sufficient travel insurance as a condition for granting a visa or visa-free entry.


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