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What is a country?

What is the largest country by area?

What is the most populous country?

Where does the word 'country' come from?

What is a national anthem?

What is patriotism?

How are countries classified by the World Bank?

What does a country's symbols incorporate?

What is a national anthem?


What is a Country?

  • A country is a distinct territorial body or political entity, which may be a sovereign state or make up one part of a larger state.
  • The definition and usage of the word "country" is flexible and has changed over time, with most sovereign states being members of the United Nations.
  • The largest country by area is Russia, while the smallest is Vatican City. The most populous is China, while Vatican City is also the least populous.
  • The word country comes from Old French contrĂ©e, which derives from Vulgar Latin (terra) contrata.
  • The unclear definition of "country" in modern English was further commented upon by philosopher Simon Keller.
  • Symbols of a country may incorporate cultural, religious, or political symbols of any nation that the country includes.
  • Most countries have a long name and a short name, with the short name being the country's common name by which it is typically identified.
  • A national anthem is a patriotic musical composition symbolizing and evoking eulogies of the history and traditions of a country or nation.
  • When referring to a specific polity, the term "country" may refer to a sovereign state, a constituent country, or a dependent territory.
  • Patriotism is a sense of love for, devotion to, and sense of attachment to one's country.
  • Countries are often distinguished as developing countries or developed countries based on per capita gross national income (GNI).
  • The World Bank classifies countries based on GNI per capita and identifies regional trends.


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