Cuckolding Fantasies

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What is the girlfriend's name?


What is the boyfriend obsessed with, according to the text?

Cumshot on Face

What is the girlfriend's physical feature?

Short in height

Study Notes

Relationships and Characteristics

  • The girlfriend's name is not specified in the text.
  • The boyfriend is obsessed with something, but the specific object of his obsession is not mentioned.
  • The girlfriend has a distinctive physical feature, but its nature is not described.

Discover the Intense Fantasies of a Cuckold: Test your knowledge on a fascinating tale of cuckolding, as a man named Jasmine explores his deepest desires. Learn about his obsession with armpits and facials, and uncover his unique nickname for his girlfriend. Dive into the world of kullathevidiya and explore the wild pleasures of licking her hairy, smelly pussy. Take the quiz now and delve into this taboo world!

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