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What is the main focus of Absurdism?

The futility of human existence and failure of communication

In what way does Existentialism differ from Absurdism?

Absurdism suggests freedom and responsibility of individual action

Which movement demonstrates the rejection of theatrical conventions?


What type of plot does Absurdism prefer in the context of theatrical works?

Nonlinear plot with undetermined time and place

What is the common objective of both Absurdism and Existentialism according to the text?

Searching for some latent meaning in life

Who is associated with representing Absurdism as per the text?

Samuel Beckett

In which movement do thinkers prefer a linear plot and conventional writing style?


What does Existentialism suggest about individual action?

Individual action against an uncaring world with no external force governing it

Study Notes

Absurdism vs Existentialism

  • The main focus of Absurdism is the rejection of logical reasoning and embracing the absurdity of the human condition.

Key differences

  • Existentialism differs from Absurdism in that it emphasizes individual freedom and choice, whereas Absurdism highlights the absurdity and uncertainty of human existence.

Theatrical movements

  • Absurdism is the movement that rejects traditional theatrical conventions.
  • Absurdism prefers a non-linear, illogical, and fragmented plot in theatrical works.

Common objectives

  • The common objective of both Absurdism and Existentialism is to question the meaning of human existence and the search for meaning in a seemingly meaningless world.

Key figures

  • Albert Camus is associated with representing Absurdism.


  • Thinkers belonging to the Existentialist movement prefer a linear plot and conventional writing style.
  • Existentialism suggests that individuals have complete responsibility for their actions and must take responsibility for creating their own meaning in life.

Test your knowledge of the literary and philosophical movements of Absurdism and Existentialism represented by Samuel Beckett and Jean Paul Sartre. Explore the contrasting ideas of human existence, freedom, responsibility, and the relationship between individuals and the world.

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